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Our Story

Tom and Kevin Circa 1985Seaview Lobster Company is not just a business, it’s a family passion. Tom and Kevin Flanigan started lobstering with their father, Mike, over 30 years ago and they still put on their boots and oilskins today. Lobstering in New England isn’t easy. It means fishing rain or shine and leaving the dock before most folk are even awake. Back then, Tom and Kevin were on the boat hauling traps. Today, their company buys live lobster from the local lobster boats – including their father’s – and ships them worldwide.

Founded in 1994, Seaview Lobster Co. is built on the belief that having the freshest, highest quality lobster means getting as close to the source as possible. Our waterfront access allows boats to unload directly at our facility, ensuring the highest quality live lobster. Over the past 25 years, we have built customer loyalty by delivering quality product reliably. Tom and Kevin stand behind every shipment and oversee selection and hand-packing each day. Our family’s passion has grown into one of Maine’s most trusted and successful live lobster shippers.

Tom,Mike and KevinSeaview Lobster has earned the trust and respect of numerous companies like yours. Let us earn your business too. Call us to find out how we can deliver quality, service, and reliability - from our dock to your door.




Seaview Lobster Co., 43 Government St., Kittery, Maine 03904, Tel. +1 (800) 245-4997, Fax. +1 (207) 439-1476